The Arts Ed Collective works alongside partners and coordinates efforts across the region to make the arts a core part of every child's growth and development.

Arts Ed Blueprint

The October 2020 adoption of this policy document by the County Board of Supervisors extends our arts education efforts beyond public education and into our communities, prioritizing resources for youth who’ve faced insurmountable societal challenges and have historically been denied access to the arts.

School-based Arts Education

The Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective supports school districts to increase the quality, quantity and equity of arts instruction in their schools.

Community-based Arts Education

Systems-reform efforts for positive youth development within multiple community-based settings and County systems of care to promote healing and overall well-being.

Creative Career Pathways

In order to prepare LA County public school students to contribute to the creative economy, quality arts education is imperative.

Learning and Leadership

Cultivating and sustaining ongoing community voice and stakeholder engagement supports the shared leadership goals of the Arts Ed Collective.

Creative Wellbeing

Creative Wellbeing is an approach for fostering communities of wellness that was developed collaboratively by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture, Office of Child Protection, Department of Mental Health, and Arts for Healing and Justice Network.

Healing Centered Engagement

A multi-year exploration of how arts and culture can support the creation and sustaining of healing-centered environments.